QUEBEC Montreal 1891 Provincial Exposition P. N. Breton

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QUEBEC Montreal 1891 Provincial Exposition / P. N. Breton Numismatist 33mm white metal medal  (Leroux 1517a, Charlton EQCS-21)

Obverse: Chateau de Ramezay, CHATEAU DE RAMEZAY / BUILT IN 1704 / MONTREAL / C. TISON

Reverse: shield within a wreath of maple leaves, EXHIBITION SOUVENIR MONTREAL 1891 / P. N. Breton / Numismatist / Montreal

The Agricultural and Industrial Exposition displayed the agricultural and industrial innovations of British North America. The exhibition was an annual event which took place from 1860 to 1896 towards the end of the summer. The 1891 Provincial Exposition took place from September 17th through the 25th.

The Exposition was not without its struggles. The 1880 expo had attracted 100,000 visitors, that of 1884 only attracted 50,000. The smallpox epidemic that struck Montreal in 1885 dealt another blow to the event; not only was the exhibition canceled, but its buildings were transformed into a temporary hospital. An agreement was finally concluded in 1890 to relaunch the exhibition with a private company. The government of Quebec gave a grant of $25,000 and leased the land to it for 18 years, in exchange for a symbolic rent of $1. The exhibition resumed at the end of September 1891, but with mixed success.

Charles Tison was a Montreal engraver and die-sinker. They did numismatist pieces for P. N. Breton, A. Desroches, P. O. Tremblay and J. D. Marchand