QUEBEC Montreal French Canadian Chess And Checkers Club Breton 587 ICCS




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Product type: Token

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QUEBEC Montreal French Canadian Chess And Checkers Club Breton 587 ICCS MS-62

Obverse: CLUB D'ÉCHECS ET DE DAMES CANADIEN FRANÇAIS DE MONTRÉAL CANADA (Trans: French Canadian Chess And Checkers Club Of Montreal Canada)

Reverse: BON POUR UNE ANNÉE DE SOUSCRIPTION (Trans: Voucher For A One Year Subscription)

According to Breton, "the checker club that had been in existence for ten years, was amalgamated with the chess club in 1891, and the annual subscription was fixed at $3.00. It was decided to have a Jeton de presence or admission ticket struck in copper. The commission was entrusted to Dr. J. Leroux to order 100 of the above Jeton."