QUEBEC Montreal Inaugures A Montreal Leroux Mule, Charlton 6055-30

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QUEBEC Montreal Inaugures A Montreal Leroux obverse of 1104 and reverse 985, Charlton 6055-30, 33.6mm white metal medal 10.1 grams by Charles Tison & Co

The Charlton "Canadian Association, Society, Commercial Transportation Medals"  lists this under their Steamer Corsican section. This is part of the famed, John Temple collection and has been graded by ICCS as AU-50. The piece has been removed from its holder

The reverse is from the A. DesRoches numismatist card Breton 573, Leroux 985.

Obverse: View of the City of Montreal from the St. Lawrence River. with six ships and boats in the foreground.

Reverse: shield with maple leaf branch on each side,  INAUGURES A MONTREAL / IMPRIMERIE 1778. / JOURNAL 1778./ VAPEUR 1809./ CHEMIN DE FER 1836./ GAZ 1837./ PHOTOGRAPHIE 1842./ TELEGRAPHE 1848./ MACHINE A COUDRE 1850. / CHAR URBAIN 1863./ TELEPHONE 1880./ LUMIERE ELECTRIQUE 1883.