QUEBEC - Montreal & Lachine Railroad Company / Third Class (1847) Charlton TR-3




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QUEBEC - Montreal & Lachine Railroad Company / Third Class (1847) Charlton #TR-3, Breton #530, Leroux #600 ⇵ Coinage axis, 16.11 grams, plain edge with a light X cancel mark to the left of the beaver.

The Montreal and Lachine Railroad opened in November 1847, with service between Bonaventure Station in Montreal and the St. Lawrence River in Lachine. Built to bypass the Lachine Rapids, it was 12 km long. The railway merged with the Lake St. Louis and Province Railroad in 1850 under the name Montreal and New York Railroad. In 1857, it merged with the Champlain and St. Lawrence Railroad as the Montreal and Champlain Railroad. It would eventually be absorbed by the Grand Trunk Railway.

The railway used tokens after it was found that train tickets were not convenient for use by its typical third class passengers, which was largely made up of labourers and indigenous who were building the Lachine Canal. Imported from Birmingham,
where they were made by Boulton & Watt or Ralph Heaton & Sons, the tokens were strung on a wire as they were collected by the conductor. The tokens were issued in 1847 and used until the early 1860s, with the image of a train locomotive on one side and a beaver on the other. 

* By way of explanation my pricing is considerably below that of the Charlton Canadian Colonial Tokens which on this
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