Quebec Sherbrooke - Université de Sherbrooke 1954 - 1979 Silver Medal




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Product type: Medal

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Canada Quebec Sherbrooke - Université de Sherbrooke 1954 - 1979 51mm x 51mm Silver Medal 55 grams

Edge: B symbol STER.

The Université de Sherbrooke was established in 1954 as a French-speaking Catholic university in a region that was predominantly English speaking, the Estrie, or Eastern Townships in English. The only university in this region for over 100 years was the English-based Anglican Bishop's University. The Roman Catholic Church created this university in an effort to provide a more convenient education for the Catholic and French speakers in the region, then as a minority. Initially there was a religious component to the pedagogical activities, but by the end of the 1960s the number of priests working for the university had greatly diminished during Quiet Revolution. In 1975, the appointment of a layman as Rector marked the end of religious activity in the institution. The Department of Theology is still officially Roman Catholic, alone in Quebec in this regard.