QUEBEC, - St Leon Mineral Water Co. 1890 Token White Metal Breton 618,




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QUEBEC, St. Leon - St Leon Mineral Water Co. Good For One Glass St Leon Water 1890 Token 26mm White Metal Breton 618, Very Fine

The company that made this mineral water and that was responsible for the tokens began at the springs of Saint-Léon-le-Grand on Rivière du Loup, where the resort of St-Leon Springs Hotel was built. The St-Leon Mineral Water Co. appears to have operated there from 1885 to 1905, with its head office on King St. West in Toronto with James Good as its president and Albert W. Atwater as its Montreal representative. It had offices at 54 Victoria Square in Montreal and in Three Rivers. There have been successive operators of St Leon Water Co.

The St. Leon mineral water was recommended in the "Quebec Daily Telegraph", 9 November 1885, by J.E. Bolduc, Priest and Proctor of the Archiepiscopal Palace; the good priest, which "suffered from dyspepsia and all the inconvenience arising therefrom for nearly twenty years", was healed "by taking nearly a pint of it every morning, an hour before breakfast".
According to another ad published in the "Quebec Daily Mercury", 5 October 1901, "pure St. Leon water" was "the true antidote to fevers", typhoid fever included. The ad conveniently mentions the discovery of the role of bad water in the transmission of fever by Leigh Cannon in Assam, some 15 years before.

The "Canadian Journal of Medicine and Surgery", 1908, reports that "St Leon Sante Salts are produced by evaporating the natural St. Leon Sante Water". The process was targeted to travelers, who would transport much more easily salts than bottles.