SASKATCHEWAN Saskatoon 1973 CNA Bronze Medal

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SASKATCHEWAN Saskatoon 1973 Canadian Numismatic Association 39.3mm bronze medal 22.9 grams (CNA-20B) 

The Saskatoon Coin Club hosted the 20th convention of the CNA at the Sheraton Cavalier Motor Inn from July 18th through 21st. The medal was designed by Fred Williams and Mrs L. P. Swenson, and the dies and medals were produced and engraved by Frank Sarson of Pressed Metal Products of Vancouver. The bronze medal had a mintage of 332 pieces.

Obverse: arms of the City of Saskatoon on the hub of a six-spoked wheel, SASKATOON COIN CLUB / COMMERCE INDUSTRY EDUCATION / 20TH ANNUAL C.N.A. CONVENTION

Reverse: seal of the CNA, crossed stems of the Saskatoon Berry beneath, THE CANADIAN NUMISMATIC ASSOCIATION EST. / 1950 / THE CANADIAN NUMISMATIC ASSOCIATION / 1973