UNITED STATES 1892 World's Columbian Exposition Eglit 107




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Product type: Medal

Vendor: Britannianumismatics



UNITED STATES 1892 59mm white metal medal 89.8g, by L. Pogliaghi and A. Cappuccio for Stefano Johnson, Milano, Italy (Eglit 107) 

Obverse: Three quarter bust left with CRISTOFORO - COLOMBO around, all within inner circle with Native American and European grasping hands across at top with globe above and eagle at bottom

Reverse: winged Civilization with 4 putti landing on America with Native Americans cowering below and radiant sun behind U.S. Capitol in distance with MDCCCXCII above and MCCCCXCII below with ornate shield border between.

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Stefano Johnson started working as a medallist in 1836 and struck his first medal in the Milanese workshop of his father, Giacomo Johnson; Giacomo had recently moved from Birmingham, England after a brief period of activity in Lyon, France. Stefano's son Federico Johnson, employed medallists from the Milan Mint (closed 1887) and producing medals himself to commemorate Italian historical events, religious events, industrial, commercial and financial activity; products were exported by his son Stefano Johnson II and his grandson Cesare Johnson.